Lending Library

Like a traditional library, a babywearing lending library is a library of carriers that you can check out for a month at a time.  Libraries are displayed at our five monthly meetings where our volunteer babywearing educators (VBEs) are there to give hands on help to everyone.  BWI RockWest has over 200 items that sustaining members can borrow for a month at a time (valued at almost $20,000!! Plus all the volunteer hours of researching, purchasing, washing, tagging, cataloging, sorting, and more).

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As a sustaining member, you get to borrow a carrier every month for just $30 a year, or 2.50 a month!  Even if you don’t borrow every month, it will still save you money if you want to use water ring sling for your week-long vacation, use a stretchy wrap that isn’t supportive after 15lbs, or really test out a new buckle before you buy.

We allow second carrier check outs for just $5 and have doll carriers for your children to wear for free.