Babywearing in Water

Mesh Ring Sling

Did you know you can babywear in the water? There are many carriers

specifically designed for wearing in the water! These carriers are meant to

support baby and dry off quickly; some even offer UV protection. If your baby is

teeny tiny but you still want to have some fun or your baby is older and reluctant

to go in the water, babywearing may be a great option.


Wrap style water carrier

Water carriers can be used at the pool, lake, beach, splash park, or in the shower

but should NEVER be used on a boat.


A child should always wear an approved Personal Flotation Device on a boat and

should not be worn in a baby carrier. If you fell overboard you would have not

able to keep baby’s face above water if the child were attached to your chest.

Baby should always be worn on the front when in water and you should always

be aware of your baby in relation to the water! NEVER go too deep into the water

and be cautious of strong currents and slippery floors! Do not engage in any

activity that requires additional safety equipment or that you wouldn’t do while

holding your baby in your arms, which includes swimming, surfing, jet skiing,

snorkeling, etc. Remember to use extra caution when wearing baby in or near

water!  Always remember to rinse your carrier with fresh water to get out the chlorine!!!


Water ring sling

There are a variety of water carrier styles including ring slings, wraps, soft

structured carriers (ssc), Meh Dais, and reverse onbuhimos. If you’re interested

in trying out a water carrier, you can find the following carriers at the BWI

RockWest lending libraries! Or, you can check them out at our upcoming spray

park playdate at Lepore Park in Peekskill on July 7 from 11am-1pm! (Rain date

July 14)

Zanytoes splash ring sling

BWI RockWest Water Library Carriers

Ring slings:

Cute awakening ring sling

Huckleberry quinn shop water ring sling

Beachfront baby water ring sling

Zannytoes Splash ringsling


Wrapsody duo stretchy wrap

Beachfront baby water wrap

Soft structured carriers (ssc):

Bitybean ssc

Meh Dai:

Kokadi aqua tai tai

We’ll see you in the water!!!


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