2016 Donations

FaithGraceGoods Etsy Shop – Donated two babywearing coats

West of the Fourth Weaving – Donated wraps to all of BWI

Cari Slings – Donated wrap

Twingaroo – Donated two twin carriers

Easy Feels – Donated buckle carrier

Ergo – Donated buckle carriers to all of BWI

Connecta – Won as an International Babywearing Week donated prize; Discount

Infantino – Donated two buckle carriers

Beco – Donated 5 doll carriers; Discount

Boba – Donated 5 doll carriers

Nesting Days – Donated newborn shirt carrier

Olives and Applesauce – Donated buckle carrier

Ethos – Donated woven wrap from a group buy

Lillebaby – Donated buckle carrier

Weego – Donated two twin carriers

Bitybean – Donated buckle carrier

Soul Slings – Donated two meh dais from a group buy

Diva Milano – Donated meh dai

Pavo – Donated woven wrap

Chubba Bubba Boutique – Donated Kokadi Meh Dai FFS

Slingomama – Donated Yaro FFS

Wallypop – Discount

Wrapsody – Discount

Beachfront Baby – Discount

Oscha – Discount

Kindercarry – Lending Library Discount

Lenny Lamb – Discount


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