Meet the Volunteers of BWI Rock-West!

Our chapter is quickly growing and expanding! Currently we have 2 meetings a month in Westchester County, 2 meetings a month in Rockland County, and we recently added a meeting to Dutchess County! It takes a lot of team work to keep all these meetings running smoothly. We rely on a group of volunteers that range from executive positions such as President, to Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE) all the way down to Chapter Support Volunteers (CSV) who help during meetings and behind the scenes keeping our chapter’s paperwork up to date.

If you have been to a meeting some of these faces may seem familiar, and that’s awesome! If you haven’t been to a meeting yet, this may help you get an idea of who you will find at each meeting and what they can help you with. We love meeting new caregivers and we hope to see you soon!

Caryn Schajer


Caryn is a SAHM and our current chapter president. Caryn also volunteers at the national level as North Chapter Management Coordinator. Outside of BWI, Caryn is a CPST (child passenger safety technician) and volunteers on her local Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault hotlines. Caryn loves to travel, hike, cook, and family time with her husband Michael and son Maxwell.


Haley Cloughessy

VP of Administration

Haley has twin 2 year old boys who she still wears pretty regularly and often together. Haley learned about babywearing when she knew they were going to be premature and saw articles on the benefits of skin to skin. Haley was so stir crazy after a terrible pregnancy that she strapped them on and went for their first hike at 7 weeks. Haley and her boys are now over 650 miles and while the boys are doing more themselves, she still regularly wears all 60 pounds of them. Haley has been a VBE for three years and can be found at the Dutchess both Westchester meetings. Haley works on our International Babywearing Week and outreach events.


Amy Lamm Haskell

VP of Education

Amy is an educator and soon to be parent to two sweet babies. Amy began her babywearing journey while pregnant by learning to use her moby wrap on her 18 pound dog. Amy now wears her son primarily while hiking, walking the dog, and running errands. Amy’s favorite carrier is a woven wrap but her son prefers a buckle carrier these days. She’s looking forward to wrapping a new baby in the spring. Amy is likely to be seen at Westchester meetings.


Mich Conway

VP of Library Services

Mich is a Brit living in New York and has been a VBE with BWI RockWest since March 2015. Mich has been wearing her 3 year old son since birth and and recently welcomed a second son in December, who she loves to wear as well.
Usually Mich is rocking an SSC, but you can’t beat some wrap or ring sling snuggles with a new baby.
Mich likes zombies, octopus, Harry Potter and hiking. When she’s not babywearing, she’s sewing!


Melita Love

Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Melita started attending meetings when her little guy was 6 weeks old. It became a daily necessity fast, helped Melita and baby to be calmer and explore the world more. Melia learned so much at meetings and eventually became a CSV. Now Melita is a VBE and honored to help other mom’s through their babywearing journey. Melta’s guy is now a toddler and they love hiking and back carries whenever they can. Melita is a part time accountant and a mostly at home mom loving this stage of life.


Leah O’Donnell

Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Leah learned about babywearing shortly after giving birth to her first child. She found that it was the only way to soothe her daughter during the dreaded “witching hour” and was hooked. Now that her children are 2 and 5 she doesn’t wear them as often but loves helping new parent’s learn how to wear their own ba-bies. She attends the Westchester weekday meeting.


Serena Flood

Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Serena knew she wanted to babywear while she was still pregnant, but it was her parents who bought her first carrier when her son was about 6 weeks old. Her son suffered from reflux so baby wearing was a god send. Serena mastered an SSC on her own, but failed miserably with a ring sling. Enter BWI Rock-West…Serena found an amazing support system of volunteers willing to help her learn new baby wearing skills. Serena still wears her almost 2 year old who she enjoys hiking with as often as possible. Serena can sometimes be found at Rockland or Westchester meetings.


Lizz Gaffney


Chapter Support Volunteer

Lizz works part time as a social media marketing manager for a defensive driving company. She tries to make the Westchester meeting as often as possible.She likes to wear her 2 yr old as often as she’ll allow and is looking forward to learning more babywearing techniques when she has her 2nd baby in June.

Lauren Gim

Chapter Support Volunteer

Lauren Gim is a mom of an adorable 1 year old boy.  Lauren found the baby wearing meeting through friends and fell in love instantly with all the carriers and amazing people.  When at meetings Lauren can be found checking members in as well as helping individuals check-out the carriers they want to borrow.  Lauren loves wearing her little one in all types of carriers while running errands or just hanging around the house.  Her favorite baby wearing activity is hiking!  When Lauren is not wearing her babe she can be found running with him in their jogging stroller.  ​



Natasha Heff

Chapter Support Volunteer

Natasha has a 3 yo daughter and 21 month old son. Natasha started baby wearing with her second because she had a 21 month old little who she needed to keep up with. Definitely saved her life! Natasha helps during the Croton Westchester meeting with the little ones, the child wrangler.


Amanda Huerta

Chapter Support Volunteer

Amanda is the mom to nine month old Hailey. She is most likely to been seen at Monday Rockland meetings. Baby wearing helps her to be able to go grocery shopping and be out and about. She is a CSV and hopes to help this group continue to help other families. She recently discovered that back carrying is amazing and can’t wait to see where her baby wearing journey takes her.


Morgan Salvatori


Chapter Support Volunteer

Morgan is a cloth diapering, clothesline-using, breastfeeding , Baby carrying, barefoot gardening , baby food making , type of gal. In other words she *is* a dirty hippy. Growing exhausted after years of slaving over a hot stove professionally, Morgan switched gears an d became a corporate trainer for Whole Foods Market. With a new baby on board she has stepped back to a part time position where she deals in the world of supplements and body care . In whatever free time that leaves her, she enjoys fly fishing, conquering diy home improvements and creating new baby food concoctions.


Rachel Patterson


Chapter Support Volunteer

Mom to one 9-month old munchkin, Rachel is a newly minted CSV who started attending babywearing meetings thanks to her high-school friend (*cough*Amy*cough*) and she quickly got hooked! She can be found most often at the Beacon meetings.
Initially quick to dismiss anything other than a SSC, she has fallen down the rabbit hole and now loves trying all the different types of carries. Her current favorite carrier for all their hiking adventures is a meh dai, and she loves trying different carriers with her new woven wrap!
When not outside with her little guy, Rachel can be found working part-time as a veterinary technician at a small animal hospital.


Cate Marousek


Chapter Support Volunteer

Cate is a full time mom, wife and police officer! She loves cookies, beards, and anything Harry Potter! Cate is a mom to one and would not have survived without babywearing. Most of time her stroller can be found in her coat closet! You can usually find Cate out and about with a SSC and in those early days her go to was a ring sling! In the very small amount of spare time she has she enjoys spending time with her family, taking the occasional trip to Disney World and she can usually be found at the Beacon meeting or the weekday Westchester meeting!


Corey Mass

Chapter Support Volunteer

Corey became interested in babywearing while pregnant as a way to manage walking the dog, grocery shopping, etc. But when her daughter was born, it became clear she preferred to be held all day and babywearing became essential! She started out with a ssc but now enjoys trying all different types of carriers. She usually attends the Rockland weekday meetings.



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