Executive Board, 2016

President – Shanna Straut

  • Responsible for oversight of all chapter activities
  • Maintains contact with BWI, Inc.
  • Maintains financial records
  • Submits quarterly reports and dues payments to BWI
  • Maintains membership records and initiates renewals
  • Files annual taxes
  • Oversees fundraising committee

Meeting Coordinator – Rachel Sirota

  • Manages (complete or delegate) all details of monthly meetings
  • Confirms venue and schedules meetings on FB and MeetUp
  • Maintains Meeting Coverage doc
  • Files meeting report
  • Ensures dues received are deposited in bank account or sent to President
  • Oversees meeting host committee
  • Communicates to librarian any late or damaged carriers

Librarian – Mich Conway

  • Maintains carriers – checks periodically for stains & damage, washes as needed
  • Tags carriers for library
  • Sends reminders for carriers due back
  • Communicates with meeting coordinators to manage local libraries and transport as needed
  • Invoice for late fees and deposits in bank account or send to President

Vice President of Education – Sarah Ludwig

  • Coordinates training and orientation process for incoming VBEs
  • Develops theme and COTM calendar
  • Maintains blog and social media
  • Oversees outreach committee
  • Assists Meeting Coordinators with posting events to the FB calendar
  • Facilitates annual elections




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