Mich’s Pyjama Selfie Review – Smittens

image (2)Today’s pyjama selfie review got an upgrade! One of us was dressed (me) and my husband was home so we got some real pictures!

Today is brought to you by:

  • Smitten, pattern Vena Cava, colour way Coracinus
  • size 5
  • Jordan’s back carry with a candy cane chest belt
  • real clothes (Mich), batman PJs (Xander)

This wrap came to us a greatly discounted price from 5mr.com, and a size 5 usually retails at $125.

[We bought a 2nds quality – well possibly actually 3rds quality as they didn’t have this one for sale on the website like they usually do seconds and it’s the first time I’ve ever found a fault with a 2nds – there’s one slightly dodgy hem but Leah and I are going to fix that before it goes out into library circulation. The fantastic customer service at 5mr were totally upfront about the faults before we purchased it at a greatly discounted rate.]

Now on to the review! It was reasonably soft straight from the all natural, eco-friendly packaging it came in and after a quick wash, dry, and steam iron (to set the weave), we were ready to go.

The wrap has a good 30″ width to it, so plenty of room to get a good seat with my toddler.

It supported his weight well and with this multi pass carry the shoulders felt smooshy and comfortable and didn’t dig in.

The texture in the hearts gave a good grip, but it wasn’t beastly at all, a good medium weight wrap with a little bounce to it.

The print looks good from both sides but having the same print all over can make it difficult to identify which rail you are tightening.

Thanks 5mr.com for helping increase our library selection!


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