Mich’s Pyjama Selfie Review – Inda Jani

unnamedThis morning’s pyjama selfie review is brought to you by:

  • Inda Jani Fular Rayado
  • size 3
  • reinforced ruck with candy cane chest belt
  • Cookie Monster PJs pants (Mich) batman Pjs (Xander)

This beautiful 100% cotton wrap with a diamond weave gives a slight elasticity when wrapping, which makes it easy to get a tight snug carry.

It was soft out the bag, but as with all woven wraps it got a quick wash, dry, and steam iron to set the weave before use.

It’s supports my 30lb toddler well and is cushy enough to make my shoulders comfortable.

The coloured stripes make strand-by-strand tightening easy, and it has just the right combination between moving easily and gripping against itself for a secure feeling while back carrying.

The blunt tapers have left me with a bit of a bulky knot at my chest belt.

This wrap retails at $75 for a size 3 (we purchased a seconds quality from 5mr.com at a lovely lending library discount for less and I haven’t found any flaws yet).


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