Mich’s Pyjama Selfie Review – Daiesu

unnamed-1Today’s pyjama selfie review is brought to you by:

  • Daiesu sunset
  • size 4
  • ruck
  • Sesame Street pjs (mich) skull pjs (Xander)

Daiesu is a company from Malaysia, who was so very generous to donate this wrap to our library for shipping costs.

Sunset is several shades of yellow, blue and black stripes woven in diagonal weave with three choices of wefts: Toffee, Emerald and Violet. We received the emerald weft.

It’s woven at 260gsm to provide more cush and support for heavier babies, while remaining the softness to wrap your newborns.

After a wash, dry, and steam iron (as is necessary for all new wraps), we were ready to play.

This wrap is quite flexible now, but I feel like with some more breaking in it will become much softer. It felt quite bulky on my shoulders but then that’s beneficial in some ways as nothing was digging in.

It’s 28″ wide which was plenty to get a seat for my chunky toddler.

The horizontal stripes make for easy strand by strand tightening, and 100% cotton is easy to care for.

We are most grateful to Daiesu for their generous donation, and if you want to own your own, visit their website here: http://www.daiesu.com/


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