You keep saying VBE. I don’t think I know what that means.

youkeepusingthatwordSo, do you want to be a VBE? I feel like we keep asking you guys that question without really clarifying what it means. So, here we go, VBE 101:


Volunteer Babywearing Educator.

So. Are you good now?

Oh. You want more? Needy, needy, needy.

Essentially, a VBE is a teacher at one of our meetings. VBEs have trained and been certified so that they are offering current information about best practices and safe babywearing as researched and backed by Babywearing International. As a chapter of an international organization, there are guidelines we need to follow both for the international group and for our chapter specifically. In order to become a VBE, you must complete a written assessment and pass an in-person or Skype evaluatation.

For more information about becoming a VBE, you can view the BWI requirements HERE and our Rock-West Chapter Specific Guidelines HERE. Under our current leadership structure, only VBEs are eligible to hold offices (President, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Education, Meeting Coordinators).

Currently, we are running VBE trainings twice a year – if you are interested, ask Sarah!


That right there? Wesley and Buttercup? No reason. I just thought the bottom of the post needed an image, and couldn’t come up with a relevant meme.


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