Calling all Rock-west Babywearers!

Hey, you! Momming in the Moby! Rocking the rucksack! Tightening your Tula! Bopping along in the Bjorn!

I like alliteration.


We need your help! The leadership team is looking for some great volunteers to join us and help our chapter grow! We. Are. Awesome. and we want to only get better!

That’s where you come in. You can volunteer as much or as little time as you are comfortable with – and there are opportunities for a variety of interests and talents!

Have you checked out our leadership team pages and our action plans for 2015? We’ve got a lot of good ideas and need some assistance getting them off the ground. We are looking for Community Service Volunteers to fill in our committees – check out the list below and let us know what might interest you! You can find the CSV application here.

Fundraising Committee

money_bag_manThis committee works closest with the VP of Administration. The VP of Admin oversees all of the membership aspects and financials issues within the chapter. CSVs on the fundraising committee will:

  • help brainstorm and plan biannual fundraisers
  • assist with the membership drive in March
  • help track overdue carriers
  • solicit donations from vendors and community partners

Sound like you? Contact Alanna for more information!

Is fundraising not your thing? That’s okay, me neither. Let’s find something else for you to do!

Meeting Host Committee

Diverse Circle Of Colorful People Holding Hands, Symbolizing Teamwork, Friendship, Support And Unity Clipart Illustration GraphicThis committee works closely with our Meeting Coordinators. (You’ll like them. They’re awesome.) The Meeting Coordinators…coordinate our meetings. CSVs on the meeting host committee will:

  • coordinate venue logistics
  • maintain lending libraries
  • post meeting dates to our Facebook Events page
  • supervise sign-in at meetings
  • oversee library returns and check-outs

Find Katy and/or Rachel to chat about how you can help!

Not available for meetings? Online interaction more your speed? I have opportunities for you!

Outreach Committee

structure-204729_640This committee works with the VP of Education. The VP of Ed is responsible for the training and orientation process for incoming VBEs, and maintains our blog (gorgeous, right?) and social media. CSVs on the outreach committee will:

  • explore becoming VBEs (There is a training every 6 months.)
  • write blog posts
  • maintain an Instagram profile for Rock-West
  • verify and approve membership requests on the Facebook page
  • coordinate outreach events (hello flash mob! International Babywearing Week!)

You know you want to join. Sarah‘s your girl for this one.

Look for a post soon about how to become a Volunteer Babywearing Educator!







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