Action Plan 2015: Vice President of Education

I am so excited to be BWI Rock-West’s first VP of Education. As our chapter grows, we are establishing leadership roles and doing our best to spread responsibilities and help everything run smoothly. Under my new position, I am responsible for coordinating the training and orientation process for incoming VBEs, overseeing meeting host VBEs, and maintaining our blog and social media – I have big plans for 2015!

So far, I have set up this blog as a space where we can post important information and organize frequently sought links. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, or if you are interested in writing for the blog please let me know! I have also set up automatic posting to our group’s Facebook wall of any Instagram photo with the hashtag #BWIrockwest – let’s see you babywearing pics! I would love to have a separate Instagram profile for Rock-West at some point as well.

I have been working with Rachel and Katy to try to streamline our meeting processes. One of our major new improvements for this year is the implementation of our rotating meeting calendar; we now have four meetings per month: the first Sunday in Rockland, the second Friday in Westchester, the third Monday in Rockland, and the fourth Sunday in Westchester. Specific dates and locations will continue to be posted on the events tab of our FB page. We are also working on improving the sign-in, membership application, and lending library procedures.

I put together a calendar of Themes and Carries of the Month for the year, so you can see what the focus will be at each meeting – of course, we will also have time to break-up and discuss any additional questions you have as always!

Finally, I am working on organizing an official VBE-training process. I will be running training twice per year to allow for new volunteers to join when they feel ready. We would love to have you on our team!

~ Sarah


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