Meet the Executive Board!

Welcome to the Rockland-Westchester chapter of Babywearing International! We have 4 meetings per month, 2 in Rockland, 2 in Westchester. Check our events calendar on Facebook for dates and times. All caregivers and babies are welcome to our meetings. Come with any carriers you would like to share or have questions about, or try some new stuff from our library! Here is the link to our online membership application. Membership dues are $30 for the entire year, and as a member you can borrow one carrier per month all year long.


Mich Conway, Librarian

most likely to be seen at Westchester meetings

Mich is a Brit living in America and has a lively toddler (Xander) who loves being backpack baby.
She is a crafty seamstress who loves cupcakes, octopuses and contemplating what carrier to use incase of a zombie apocalypse (after much debate it’s the toddler Tula, in case you were wondering)

KatyKaty Geldrich-Turnbull, Meeting Coordinator

most likely to be seen at meetings after 10AM

Katy is a SAHM and full-time caregiver for her disabled father. Her babywearing journey started 4 years ago with several handed down carriers. She thought she wore her daughter a lot…until her son was born. Wrangling a toddler, a baby and a wheel-chair brought the baby wearing experience to new levels. Katy still wears her 2 year old son almost daily and is still searching for the perfect toddler/pre-school carrier.

alannaAlanna Holbach, President

Alanna helped create our BWI group in 2013, when after the birth of her second child babywearing became crucial for daily survival. Though her 4 and 2 year olds no longer prefer to be worn, she takes great joy in helping new moms find the babywearing love (and wearing her best friends babies). In her spare time she enjoys attending births as a doula, helping moms breastfeed, and working on her farm to table food truck. She lives in Rockland with her husband and kids, and daydreams daily about moving back to the caribbean.

1398152_10152321603933312_791919104_oSarah Ludwig, Vice President of Education

most likely to be seen at weekday meetings

Sarah is a stay at home mom who never stays at home; in fact, she is frequently scheduled to be in multiple places at once. She has been an avid babywearer since her Moby saved her sanity when her son was a colicky infant with acid reflux, and still wears him on occasion now that he’s 5! She’s currently mostly wrapping her almost 3-year-old, who she drags along with her everywhere. Sarah is a baby person, and loves helping new parents out – she teaches childbirth preparation, works as a doula, and recently became a CPST. She is totally thrilled to have lived her dream of being in a flash mob!

rachelRachel Sirota, Meeting Coordinator

most likely to be seen at Rockland meetings

Rachel is an essential oils educator and Wellness Advocate with doTERRA who loves being able to wear her 7 month old twins during almost all of her classes. Her babywearing days began when her spunky yet sensitive preschooler was born 3 years ago, and during that time it has provided connection, comfort and the ability to grocery shop with three kids. In her spare time, she enjoys Netflix, a great Czech beer, and a pint of ice cream (not usually all at once), and in her past life she was an art historian who enjoyed traveling and living abroad.


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