Welcome To BWI Rock-West!

Hello fellow Babywearers,

A sure lot has happened over the past few days . We are all still in quite a state  of shock, but we vow that we are diligently working behind the scenes with your best interests in mind.

If you have not already heard the news;  We regret to inform you all that our parent organization, Babywearing International, will be declaring bankruptcy at the end of the month. BWI has provided us with our accreditation and insurance up until this point. Just like you, we were delivered this shocking information Via Email .

Since then, our amazing group of volunteers has leaped into action to try to figure out how to save the legacy so many have worked for up until this point. First course of business was rebranding ourselves we are now proud to be known as “Hudson Valley Babywearing”

As we work to determine the next steps we ask you to please be patient with us. A lot of change is happening, and the wheels have not stopped turning since the clock started ticking down to our deadline.

There has been quite a bit of chatter on our Facebook page and we would love to invite you to share your opinions, feelings and, thoughts  with us there on that platform.   Our volunteers are committed to serving the community and promoting safe and comfortable Babywearing practices for local families, and we are ambitiously striving to achieve this in any way we can.

At this time we have to postpone some our meetings and discontinue the lending library until we figure out some logistics. If you currently have a carrier out from one of our libraries we invite you to attend the next scheduled meeting where our volunteers are able to work hands on with you, but unfortunately library lending will cease until further notice. We will keep you up to date about future meetings.

Thank you all so much for standing with us ,

Hudson Valley Babywearing








9 thoughts on “Welcome To BWI Rock-West!

  1. Hello,
    What the membership fee?
    Do you have anyone tandem wearing? I have 6 month old twins & would love to baby wear.
    Thank you,


    • Hi Micki – Welcome! Membership is $30 for a year, and it allows you full borrowing privileges from our lending library, along with access to certain members-only events throughout the year. Yes! We have a few twin Mamas, including two of our VBEs, and lots of other Moms who tandem-wear as well. To see our events, please join our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bwirockwest/ Meetings are free, hope you can join us soon!


      • I’m in Mt. Kisco trying to find Expect Natural for the meeting. Location not found and their number is disconnected. Are you meeting somewhere else?


    • Hi,
      I signed up and plan to attend this Sunday’s meeting in Bedford.
      I will bring my dues and hopefully can try on a carrier.
      Thank you.


      • Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, I’ve been driving for an hour: mt Kisco, Bedford, bedford Hills & circles around a 333 multi business industry park. I’m frustrated and will have crying hungry babies soon. Is there a landmark nearby?


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