Welcome To BWI Rock-West!

Our chapter of Babywearing International is the only accredited and insured babywearing non-profit group in the lower Hudson Valley.  We currently have five free meetings a month in Rockland, Westchester, and Dutchess Counties.  Check our calendar of events for pop-up carrier clinics, play dates, and special events.


Here are a few helpful links:

Please join us over on our

Facebook Page OR Facebook Group

We look forward to seeing you soon!


9 thoughts on “Welcome To BWI Rock-West!

  1. Hello,
    What the membership fee?
    Do you have anyone tandem wearing? I have 6 month old twins & would love to baby wear.
    Thank you,


    • Hi Micki – Welcome! Membership is $30 for a year, and it allows you full borrowing privileges from our lending library, along with access to certain members-only events throughout the year. Yes! We have a few twin Mamas, including two of our VBEs, and lots of other Moms who tandem-wear as well. To see our events, please join our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bwirockwest/ Meetings are free, hope you can join us soon!


      • I’m in Mt. Kisco trying to find Expect Natural for the meeting. Location not found and their number is disconnected. Are you meeting somewhere else?


    • Hi,
      I signed up and plan to attend this Sunday’s meeting in Bedford.
      I will bring my dues and hopefully can try on a carrier.
      Thank you.


      • Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, I’ve been driving for an hour: mt Kisco, Bedford, bedford Hills & circles around a 333 multi business industry park. I’m frustrated and will have crying hungry babies soon. Is there a landmark nearby?


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